Partners Team Development is proud to work in association with the following organisations in order to support development of corporate teams, new start-up businesses and key account management capability.

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We are the whole person approach to wellbeing and resilience . Measuring individuals, teams and organisational wellbeing and resilience using the Wraw index, we use an evidence approach to tailor our programmes to your needs. The cost of poor mental health to industry currently stands at £46bn, we are here to help you and your teams learn strategies to empower and enable them to thrive not survive and reach both personal and business goals.


Visiblegy provides pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams with a user-friendly and practical online scalable platform (XLens) that allows key account managers and pharma cross-functional teams to collect, and act on, in-depth, real-time  customer and environmental insights.


There are two different types of entrepreneur, the ones who start businesses and the ones who succeed.
Startup4ten® is an On-Line Business Accelerator and Coaching Company, providing CEO experience to entrepreneurs, new ventures and ambitious SME businesses who want to make the most of their opportunity. These individuals, recognise the value of business knowhow, want to keep improving themselves and are prepared to invest in their own skills to protect their future.
A successful business can be life changing but being entrepreneurial and driven is rarely enough. In the competitive world that we live in you need to learn fast and adapt quickly and we help you achieve this by getting you “business smart” faster.


LSAA is a membership community for all customer-facing staff from across the Life Science Industries including: clinical and financial sales teams, medics and support teams.
It provides blended learning on all aspects of better customer access and engagement.
Its aims are to enhance the dialogue between the industry and healthcare professionals and deliver better care for patients.