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Become a Team Champion!

Flexible Learning Options from 1:1 Training and Coaching through to Group Sessions with 1:1 Follow Up.




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You don't need to be a team manager or team leader to champion teams and team performance as you can do this very successfully as a team member. The more team members (whether they are the manager or not) learn about teams and team dynamics the more effective the team can become. In addition, if the team has a 'champion' who can lead the way in terms of the team contract and the team development plan then this increases the ability of the team to move up the team performance curve to true high performance.  It shouldn't always be left to the manager or team leader to take the lead on this.

We will be running 'Team Champion' development sessions in 2021 so that those who take part increase their knowledge of teams and team dynamics.  These sessions will be of real value to new or existing team managers who want to increase their knowledge of teams and improve their team performance skills. In addition the sessions will also be of value to team members who are looking to develop their overall capabilities and are perhaps looking to move into management and supervisor roles.

Learn how to:

  • Define what stage your team is on the 'performance curve'

  • Move the team up the performance curve towards and achieve true high performance.

  • Get a new team off to the best possible start and minimise the 'storming' phase of team development by being able to utilise the PARTNERS accelerator process effectively.

  • Build a Team Contract & Team Development Plan.

  • Move the team towards self direction and self assessment.

  • Manage your team's stakeholders in order to gain that vital senior leadership support.


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