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Tailored Development Support
for Team Managers & Leaders

Proper support for Team Managers and Team Leaders can be lacking in many organisations.  Whether it's the absence of crucial early development of new managers or the lack of ongoing coaching from senior managers, a new and existing team manager's life can be made miserable if they are left to simply 'fend for themselves'.   We can assist new and less-experienced team managers to get that important development and provide ongoing confidential and expert support that can ensure they develop into true high performance team managers who lead their teams confidently to continual success.

Sign Up to become a Team Champion Club Member and enjoy exclusive benefits such as regular team development, educational webinars, a free copy of 'Team Champion! - Taking Teamwork Seriously', monthly coaching support, monthly 'Ideas & Challenges' Clinics, open access (24/7) to a Team Coach and even proactive 'checking on your progress' from us!

With many organisations restructuring and downsizing as a result of COVID-19, the importance of effective teams, teamwork and team leadership has never been greater.  Add in the fact that many organisations have downsized their L&D and Training teams, the need for expert external team and team leader support has grown markedly, and not just for new managers. 
Why be left to develop everything on your own?  Many team managers get embroiled in vast lists of tasks and the expectations that go with them. Senior management support through regular coaching can be non-existent and as such team management can be a very lonely place.
Our Team Champion Club can offer that extra expert support for new and inexperienced Team Managers, Leaders and Supervisors through online development webinars, 'drop-in' clinics, proactive 'checking of progress' and remote 1:1 coaching.
    1. Three affordable Membership Levels.
    2. Simply Stop Monthly Payments if not satisfied or if circumstances             change.  (Prices Quoted on this Site are ex-VAT)
    3. Limited Spaces available for Plus & Gold levels.


Choose Your Champion Club Level

  • Champion Bronze

    Every month
    Ideal for Busy Team Managers and Leaders
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Team Development Webinars
    • Free Copy of 'Team Champion! - Taking Teamwork Seriously'
    • Monthly 'Drop In' 'Ideas & Challenges' Clinic
  • Most Popular

    Champion Silver

    Every month
    For Team Managers looking for Monthly Coaching Support
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Team Development Webinars
    • Free Copy of 'Team Champion! - Treating Teamwork Seriously'
    • Monthly 1:1 2 Hour Coaching Call
    • Monthly 'Drop-in' 'Ideas & Challenges' Clinic
  • Champion Gold

    Every month
    For Dedicated Ongoing 24/7 Team Manager & Leader Support
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Team Development Webinars
    • Free Copy of 'Team Champion! - Taking Teamwork Seriously
    • Monthly 1:1 2 Hour Coaching Call Catch Up
    • 24/7 access to Team Coach for Advice & Support
    • Monthly 'Drop-In' 'Ideas & Challenges' Clinic
    • Regular Pro-active 'Checking Your Progress' from Us.

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