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Building Resilient Teams that get Results

"The disciplined application of "team basics" is often overlooked. Team basics include size, purpose, goals, skills, approach and accountability. Paying rigorous attention to these is what creates the conditions necessary for team performance.  A deficiency in any of these areas will derail the team, yet most potential teams inadvertently ignore one or more of them"

"The Wisdom of Teams" by Jon R Katzenbach &  Douglas K Smith."

Teams are tough!  Bring together a group of people of different styles, different energies, motivations and capabilities and you have the potential for either huge success, mediocrity or great conflict leading to underperformance. With great leadership, high performance teams can be created that produce excellence time after time.  However team leaders and managers need a great level of support in order to achieve the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to lead and manage their teams to success.  Many leadership programmes do cover team leadership but they lack practicality with the focus on theory.  PARTNERS® has been designed specifically to play a strong part in the practical and pragmatic development of team managers and leaders in order that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to guide and lead their teams through the various stages of team development towards high performance.PARTNERS®  builds resilient teams and resilient managers! 

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The purpose  of the PARTNERS® process is to ensure more resilient, cohesive and productive teams that get results time after time. So if you have a 'new-start' team, a 'middle of the road' team, an underperforming team or even a high performance team that wants to do even better, then the PARTNERS® process can assist you to get them off to the best possible start or simply rejuvenate and accelerate their performance. Whether it's a management team, a sales team, a newly created and temporary project team - it doesn't matter - PARTNERS® works with all teams and implemented effectively produces resilience, effectiveness and results.


The overall benefits of the PARTNERS® process sessions are numerous.  The sessions give the team and the individuals in the team the chance to 'open up' and fully contribute to the development of the overall team.  Team members have the chance to express their fears, hopes, ideas, needs and expectations. The process gives the team the chance to focus on present performance and map a way forward to ensure this performance increases so that each and every team member gets the reward and recognition they deserve for that increased performance.  The concrete outputs are a team development plan focused on developing the knowledge and skills that the team needs to ensure high performance alongside a team charter which will drive and focus the agreed and required behaviours and mindset needed to drive the increased performance.

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Business Meeting

Delivered either 'face to face' or virtually, by Allan Mackintosh, who has 40 years experience of working in and with both sports and corporate teams, the PARTNERS® sessions will liberate, enthuse and motivate your teams on to higher levels of success. Sessions are typically a day given the necessary level of discussion and interaction and follow up coaching (either of the team leader or team as a a whole) can be agreed.



Straightforward,' no-nonsense' face to face facilitation, working with the team to guide them through the PARTNERS® process.  The end result is a more cohesive and potentially productive team which now has a focused team development plan and a team contract which will drive  the desired behaviours required to gain high performance.


As in PARTNERS®  LIVE straightforward coach facilitation of the process - only the delivery is remote via the likes of Zoom or Microsoft Teams


Have your managers or training team members trained up on how to use the PARTNERS® process? Either through face to face hands on training or coaching or delivered remotely.

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