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The PARTNERS® Online Course

The PARTNERS® Team Development Course for Managers and Team Leaders is now available through online course specialists Udemy.

A practical, pragmatic, stage by stage course will take your through the PARTNERS Team Performance Framework and enable you to bring more structure, resilience and performance to your team.

The course consists of around 1 hour of video lecture combined with several short assignments to get you thinking about how you take your team to the next level of performance.

In addition there are support resources including templates for your Team Charter and your Team Development Plan.

You can access both the Course preview and actual Course itself at:

Build & Lead a High Performance Team that gets Results!

The Online PARTNERS® Team Development Course is perfect for those managers and team leaders who are looking to get the best performance from their team.

The Course is only £34.99 but is periodically discounted heavily by Udemy.


"PARTNERS is a really practical and pragmatic process that brings structure, focus and reality to team development. Allan has produced a great process, based on his vast experience of teams, and one which the team have really engaged with. It's really helped our cohesiveness and we're more together as a unit"  - L&D Director -UK.

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