Online Team Assessment

Coming Soon (September 2022)  We will shortly be able to provide you with your own, easy to complete & understand, online Team Assessment from only £25 + VAT per Team Member.

Online Team Assessment

Team Managers can now do their own team assessment online without being part of an official team development programme or having to employ a Team Coach or Consultant.  This means that the team can, quickly and effectively, create a 'snapshot' of their team strengths and possible development areas.  Agreeing key development areas and putting an action plan together to address these can go a long way to enabling the team to develop its resilience and performance.


Our Assessment is a simple 25 question team assessment which benchmarks the team against the key aspects of the PARTNERS process and the essential attributes of a high-performance team.  It will highlight your team's perceived Strengths and Development Areas and thus, will enable you to focus on those areas of team performance that the team can enhance and strengthen.  This will enable the team to work on enhancing their resilience and overall performance.

In addition, every completed Team Assessment triggers a free 30 minute Coaching and Advice Call with lead coach, Allan Mackintosh. In this call, Allan will help the Team Manager to interpret the findings in terms of the Team's Strengths and Development Areas, and assist them to put together an action plan that will ensure the team works on becoming more resilient and produces increased performance.

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