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Easy to complete & analyse Online Team Assessment
with Free Coaching Support

Attention all Team Managers - we can now provide you with your own, easy to complete & understand, online Team Assessment from only £25 + VAT per Team Member.  The results of the assessment will enable open discussions across the team as to how the team can enhance their performance, motivation and enjoyment. Once all of the team have completed their assessments you can access for a limited period, free live coaching support and team support resources.  You can then decide as to whether the team would benefit from further dedicated team coaching support in relation to their Team Charter, Team Development Plan and Stakeholder Plans.

How TEAM-XL Works

1. To purchase TEAM-XL assessments you will first have to register.  This will enable you, as the team manager, to have your own personal dashboard. You can do this here.  Once registered, log-in again, and simply purchase the number of assessments you need to ensure each team member can complete their own assessment of the team.  Remember to include yourself as a team member!  Please note that at present you can only buy assessments for one team only per purchase.  If you are looking to purchase for multiple teams, then please buy each team's assessments separately.  This will ensure that each team has their own unique code.

2. Via your dashboard, send the unique link to each team member via the Actions Tab. Ask them to fill in the assessment by rating each of the 25 questions posed about how they honestly feel about working in the team and how they feel the team performs against each of the criteria.

3. Once everyone has completed the assessment, your dashboard will create a simple graph which will show you the team's strengths and development areas.  We do not produce automated written reports as we strongly believe that the real power of the assessment is the team dialogue and discussion that is produced by the graph.  Long, wordy auto-generated written reports can be more of a hinderance than actual help for busy managers. (In our opinion!)

4. Once you have your graph report, arrange a 45 minute follow up Zoom or Microsoft Teams call with lead coach, Allan Mackintosh. Allan will discuss the results with you as a manager (or with a team as a whole) and give you guidance as to potentially what you can do to further develop the team based on the assessment results.  Allan can also give you advice on setting up your Team Charter and Team Development Plan.  Contact Allan via email at: or call him direct on ++44 (0) 7764 168989

5. Now you are ready to go and discuss the findings and outputs with the team and lead them to develop further and to achieve their performance goals and fulfill their purpose!

6. When you repeat TEAM-XL, (say 6 -9 months down the line) you will then be able to show the difference your team leadership has made to the team and the team's results!
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Here's your Access to the TEAM-XL Assessment Questionnaire

Click on this link to secure your team's Team Assessment Questionnaire or click the button below.

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