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Team Development Programme-

Specifically tailored to your organisation's and teams' needs.




In today's volatile ,challenging and uncertain world of business, it is vital that all employees and teams are resilient in the face of the constant change that faces organisations today.

Designed by Resilience Coach, Emma Hossack, and Team Coach, Allan Mackintosh,  our Resilient PARTNERS™ Team Development Programme assesses the individual resilience of each team member and produces a team report in order that a specific action plan (for both individuals and the team) is produced for the team to work on.

To further enhance team and individual resilience and performance, the team is supported through the PARTNERS™ Team Development process in order that the team have the essential structure and team performance basics in place so that enhanced performance and the desired results are possible .

The Resilient PARTNERS™ Programme builds trust, cohesion and focus and results in a Team Charter and Team Development Plan being created, alongside an action plan for every individual team member to build on their existing resilience.

All this leads not only to increased resilience but to increased team performance.  The programme can be delivered 'face to face' or 'virtual' whichever suits your team's situation and needs best, and we have a range of options as to how this can be delivered.  We can provide simple resilience and team performance assessments (with some basic advice from us) and you work on your own development plans, through to very specific, and thorough, coaching interventions that will support the team over agreed periods.

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